A large share of cryptocurrency trading takes place on a centralized exchange such as Binance and Coinbase. Such platforms are governed by a single authority, the company that operates the exchange. In a centralized exchange, users funds are placed under the control of the central authority. They use a traditional order book system to facilitate trading. In this trading, buy and sell orders are listed along with the total amount for each order. The amount of open buy and sell for an asset at any time is known as a market depth. To complete a trade on a centralized exchange, a buy order must be matched with a sell order (with the same amount and price) on the opposite side of the book.
For example, if you were to sell one bitcoin at $54,000 on a centralized exchange, you will have to wait for a buyer who is looking to buy the equal or higher amount of bitcoin at the same price, to appear on the other side of the order book. The biggest challenge with such a system is liquidity the depth and number of orders available on the order book at any given time. Low liquidity will mean traders may not be able to fill their trade orders, or they will have to wait longer to buy or sell orders.

What is Meduse.io?
Meduse is a completely different type of exchange from the centralized ones. It is fully decentralized meaning there is no single entity that owns and operates it. As a P2P exchange, Meduse is designed to support peer-to-peer transactions, which allows the users to share computer connections without the need for a central server.

With this platform, users can share workload or resources from computer to computer hence exchanges happen freely. Additional verification is also not required on this platform. The peer-to-peer model ensures that there are fewer single points of failure and no privacy breaches.
The decentralized nature of Meduse also means users maintain control of their funds all the time. This model is different from that of centralized exchanges that require traders to give up control of their private keys to enable logging on of the orders on an internal basis rather than executing them on a blockchain, which is more expensive and time-consuming.
The development of Meduse platforms and services began in 2018 and is approaching the final stages. The company is a FinTech project that consists of several platforms targeted at serving customers across the globe with high-quality and secure cryptocurrency solutions, including storing, investing, and trading crypto. When users have control of their private keys, the risk of losing assets is eliminated in case the exchange is ever hacked.
Meduse has acquired a license by the Estonia Financial Services Authority (FSA) to provide digital currency exchange against fiat currency. The organization is also certified to provide cryptocurrency services in the European Union. Meduse has three branches in Germany, Estonia, and Turkey. Meduse ecosystem is designed to provide solutions to problems concerning poor technical architecture, expensive development costs, and insecure platforms.

Meduse Ecosystem
Meduse has a robust ecosystem consisting of an exchange, a wallet, a native digital coin, a launchpad, and a DeFi coin portfolio.

P2P Exchange
Meduse.io offers a peer-to-peer (P2P) transaction solution, which enables users to conduct transactions without the need for a centralized server. This exchange solves the many problems facing centralized exchanges. This exchange does not require the users to transfer their assets to any third party, thus no risk of losing funds in case the organization is hacked. Therefore, users are assured of greater safety against theft and fund mismanagement from third parties.
Cryptocurrency is still a small market compared to fiat currency markets. Centralized exchanges still have a smaller liquidity pool. A large transaction on a centralized exchange can cause a great price move that will disturb the entire market.
Meduse.io, as a centralized exchange, enables access to a larger liquidity pool than that available on the exchange order book. Traders can trade larger amounts of digital coins at a reasonable price without affecting the price. Meduse.io provides the solution to fake trading and wash trading. Meduse.io exchange offers a high level of privacy and anonymity to users.
The exchange also has a matching engine capable of sustaining 1,500,000 orders/second, making it one of the fastest exchanges in the market today. The exchange can support many transactions at a time without buffering.

Meduse Coin
Meduse coin (MDX) is a native coin that serves as a base token and is the unit for accessing features of the Meduse Ecosystem. MDX is built on Ethereum blockchain using contract hence complies with the ERC-20 standard. Users can freely transfer the coin on the Ethereum blockchain. MDX will enable the user to access the trading software through API. Users will also benefit from increased trading-limit on the P2P exchange.
MDX owners can also participate and invest in the Meduse Launchpad.

Meduse has developed the FortKnox wallet, a free and secure crypto-wallet that enables users to store their coins in a safe and user-friendly environment. The wallet is designed to support multi-digital coins including BTC, ETH, USDT, LTC, and MDX. This hot wallet runs on a cloud-based architecture. However, it comes with various security features. Security is a significant factor when considering crypto-market space. Meduse wallet enables users to convert fiat currency into cryptocurrency. It also enables seamless transfer of funds. Users can also deposit and exchange currency without restraint. The wallet is simply designed to enable ease-of-use even to novice traders.

Meduse Security
Security is a key feature in the crypto industry. A security breach can lead to serious privacy and financial damages. The exchange has applied different levels of security from infrastructure, architecture, software, internal and restorable security.
Meduse is designed with two systems core technology and custody solution. The systems are separate from each other. Neither are the systems in direct communication nor have access to each other. Therefore, the platform remains secure. Additionally, Meduses infrastructure runs on a cloud-based architecture with the highest standards of network management and hardware security. The operating system and hardware are both under the management of qualified and proven industry experts.

Final Thought
Even though Meduse is still in its development stages, it is a giant leap for the DeFi technology and the financial technology at large by developing an ecosystem that offers high quality and secure cryptocurrency solutions, including storing, investing, and trading crypto. Sign up to explore the unique and quality services that the exchange is offering.

Website: https://meduse.io/
Whitepaper: https://meduse.io/documents/whitepaper/meduse.pdf
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