Humble beginnings
The start of the OuroSwap project came about in July 2020. After our team, at the time just a ragtag group of developers who all worked in the same company, saw the growth of Uniswap, we felt like we could push space in a new direction using the fantastic protocol design that Uniswap as set in motion for the cryptospace, while improving on it with its own spin. The OuroSwap team felt like it could push the protocol even further on the space with new functionalities and using every tool in the Defi ecosystem

Privileges for Early Adopters and Liquidity Providers
Being a small team of developers right now and lacking funding to fully provide our full list of features, such as the NFT market, the whole dev team agreed that an early sale on Uniswap before that exchange fully releases would be the direction we wanted to help us push forward.
But we feel like the early adopters should be rewarded in great sums when the project fully launches, and even greater rewards for liquidity providers on release. Such as Airdrops and special whitelist presales for our future farming token.

Information and Transparency and Community
Growing a community that pushes our project to become a better and more diverse tool in the DeFi space is one of our main priorities.

Currently, the Dev is still looking for new and passionate developers that are interested in becoming part of this project contact us through our website or any social media to become not only a member of our community but a part of this project.

Every big change in direction to the OuroSwap project will be sent broadcasted on our social media the officials links are the following:
Website: OuroSwap | Home
Medium: OuroSwap – Medium
Telegram: Telegram: Join Group Chat