Introducing the multi-pool protocol. Integration with ETH, BSC, PolkaDOT & Elrond.
For up to 5 pools using the same ETH/BNB/DOT/EGLD amount.

Why use Poliswap

The POLISWAP platform is built on four blockchain networks: Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain (BSC), Polkadot and Elrond. This is a premier solution that has already enjoyed considerable development, and having worked through five iterations on the testnets, the smart contracts are now perfected and ready to be deployed on main.

Poliswap ecosystem q3 2021:

a working DEX in place *every token can be immediately traded with zero execution fees;
a working Google Chrome extension and a proprietary wallet that works on all chains (ETH, BNB, DOT & EGLD);
a simple interface that allows selecting all or several chains when adding liquidity through Poliswap multi-pool protocol;
partnerships with projects including NFT markets (to be announced after the sale).

Token information

Total supply: 50.000.000
Decimals: 10
Minted: 100%

Distribution of tokens ONLY through Bounce Platform, public sale only for equal opportunity. Start of public sale: 1st of March 2021. Unsold tokens will be burned.

1 ETH = 55555 POLI

80% of the total sale from total supply (40.000.000 POLI) for public
Reserved for POLISWAP LGE: 10%
Reserved for Marketing & Advisors: 5% (2.3%) +(2.3%) +(0.4% airdrop to uniswap/bounce users, snapshot taken on 1st of December 2020).
Reserved for liquidity mining: 4% (Liquidity will be locked until inflation period ends).
Reserved for team: 1% (Tokens will be locked for 3 years after the Poliswap LGE ends and before liquidity is provided).

Listing starts on Poliswap platform launch at 10x

Website: Home - Poliswap
Telegram: Home - Poliswap
Whitepaper: https://www.poliswap.io/wp/PoliswapWP.pdf
Live on Bounce: Bounce