Biddy Biddy BOOM! Welcome to this edition of Brozaís BadBoys where I pick some hot wheels and feature them. This time Iím going to look at an absolute sick whip, one which Broza feels doesnít get anywhere near enough attention: the TVR Sagaris.

The Sagarisí exterior design is bold and unique. The carís body sports a number of cooling ducts that TVR claims are fully functional. The carís front splitter and rear diffuse are distinctive and add to the carís funky exterior design.

The TVR is not designed for racing on the road, but the car is fast and racing models will likely follow. Aside from the cooling ducts the car also has two raised spots in the top to make room for drivers and passengers wearing racing helmets.

The Sagaris provides improved grip and stability over its predecessor. The car is powered by a 400bhp straight six engine. It can reach 0-60mph in three seconds, and boasts a maximum speed of 195mph.

The sporty little TVR offers good value for the money and its performance will be hard to match. This is not a car for the faint-hearted. The Sagaris provides an involving and exciting ride. Driving enthusiasts will be hard pressed to find a ride that is more fun or faster.

The Sagaris is lightweight and sturdy. Many name brand competitors will have a hard time competing with the Sagarisí power, but the Sagaris may have a difficult time competing against more premium brands.

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