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  1. Minimum Payout -
    $5 to Your
    For get Posting Bonus you need open an account on our sponsor site
    You must add your username on your Profile.
    When you reach to minimum payout after our approve our sponsor will add your bonus on your user panel then you will can send a withdrawal request on your account panel and our sponsor will pay to you.
    Don’t forget only you will can send withdrawal request for your bonus only via LibertyReserve account not other payment methods.

    Open Thread for payout in this section

    Thread Title : Your username - 1st request[Your UserName]

    Username : (example: Admin)
    Amount To Request (Credits) : (example: 200) UserName : (example: danifx)

    The thread has to be posted in the ‘Payout Request’ section of the forum which can be found here:
  2. sir i want to withdraw but i m not getting withdraw instruction in FAQs so plz clear ur withdraw process
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