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RosellaPea Junior Member 01-24-2019 0 01-24-2019 02:00 AM   July 19, 1979 42 Hello, dear friend! I am Bart. I smile that I can join to the entire globe. I live in Italy, in the AL region. I dream to go to the various countries, to get familiarized with fascinating people.OviglioGolf, Collecting cards3rd grade in Continuing Education and Summer Sessions  Rosella
RosellaWel Junior Member 03-14-2019 0 03-14-2019 11:38 AM   February 2, 1973 48 I'm a 33 years old, married and study at the university (Modern Languages and Classics). In my spare time I learn Dutch. I have been there and look forward to returning sometime near future. I love to read, preferably on my kindle. I like to watch Modern Family and The Big Bang Theory as well as docus about anything technological. I enjoy Rock stacking.WijchmaalLARPing, LARPing3rd grade in Modern Languages and Classics  Rosella
RosellaWor Junior Member 05-07-2019 0 05-07-2019 02:35 PM   March 26, 1980 41 Hello! I'm Norwegian male :D. I really like Skateboarding!MettmenhasliFishkeeping, Taxidermyhigh school  Rosella
RosellaWyn Junior Member 07-09-2019 0 07-09-2019 05:46 PM   May 14, 1976 45       Rosella
RosemarieA Junior Member 03-02-2019 0 03-02-2019 06:54 PM   September 2, 1970 50 I am a modest person. I enjoy privacy, at least as much as it's an option in the present surveillance period. I really like conversing and surely am way too active on the net. I appreciate I am a very emotive person, but I also like trying to learn. I am hoping to learn to better bring forth my talents to the whole world. I'm thinking about health and wellness, especially health research and massage.MontagnanaSpeed skating, GamingNewscaster  Rosemarie
RosemarieC Junior Member 08-12-2017 0 08-12-2017 06:38 PM   May 21, 1977 44 Lou is the name his parents gave him and his wife doesn't like it at all. Taking care of animals is how he supports his family but he's always wanted his own business. Some time ago she chose to live in Puerto Rico. My friends say it's not good for me but what I love doing is films but I haven't made a dime with it.PiantaJewelry making, Homebrewinghigh school   
RosemarieD Junior Member 03-17-2019 0 03-17-2019 01:49 AM   November 9, 1976 44 Hello! I'm Chinese female :). I really like Backpacking!HaarlemWorldbuilding, Fishinghigh school  Rosemarie
RosemarieE Junior Member 12-06-2018 0 12-06-2018 11:22 PM   December 17, 1976 44 Hello from United Kingdom. I'm glad to came across you. My first name is Dane. I live in a city called Whitebrook in western United Kingdom. I was also born in Whitebrook 36 years ago. Married in July 2003. I'm working at the backery.WhitebrookBonsai, HomebrewingRail-track laying and maintenance equipment operator  Rosemarie
RosemarieF Junior Member 01-06-2019 0 01-06-2019 11:09 AM   February 10, 1981 40 Nereida Cali is what's written little birth certificate but hand calculators call me anything such as. My wife plus i live in South Dakota and my loved ones loves this task. One of the very best things in the planet for him is to coolect bottle tops it's true he has time and take it on new strategies. For years she's been working as the production and distribution police agency. You can always find his website here:, LARPingstudy International Relations  Rosemarie
RosemarieH Junior Member 08-31-2019 0 08-31-2019 10:03 PM   September 3, 1972 48       Rosemarie
RosemarieM Junior Member 05-30-2017 0 05-30-2017 09:42 PM   July 1, 1971 50 Title on the author is Devin. Ohio is where the guy along with his spouse stay. Office supervising is the way I make a living but eventually i will be alone. To coolect bottle covers is just one of the things she loves the majority of. If you want to learn more discover my web site:, Coin collecting3rd grade in Art History   
RosemarieO Junior Member 03-19-2019 0 03-19-2019 08:26 AM   November 20, 1977 43 58 year-old Traditional Asian Medical Practitioner Kevin Breyfogle from Trout Lake, spends time with pursuits which include beachcombing, Digital marketing bangalore india and stamp collecting. Plans to quit work and take the family to numerous noteworthy heritage listed locales on earth such as Zollverein Coal Mine Industrial Complex in Essen.KlottenFencing, Taxidermyhigh school  Rosemarie
RosemarieS Junior Member 07-29-2017 0 07-29-2017 12:13 PM   August 5, 1974 46 I'm Rufus and I live in a seaside city in northern Great Britain, Sandend. I'm 38 and I'm will soon finish my study at Mathematics.SandendGeocaching, Hunting2nd grade in Mathematics   
RosemarieW Junior Member 12-25-2018 0 12-25-2018 11:41 PM   December 15, 1979 41 My name is Clyde (23 years old) and my hobbies are Writing and Auto racing.Allerheiligen Bei WildonGames Club - Dungeons and Dragons, Monopoly, Etc., Color Guardstudy Architecture  Rosemarie
Rosemary64 Junior Member 08-21-2019 0 08-21-2019 07:12 PM   March 3, 1982 39       Rosemary
Rosemary71 Junior Member 05-07-2019 0 05-07-2019 08:04 PM   May 10, 1977 44 I am 23 years old and my name is Carmella Randell. I life in Ascea (Italy).AsceaElement collecting, Slot Car Racing3rd grade in Art  Rosemary
RosemaryBr Junior Member 11-20-2018 0 11-20-2018 01:04 PM   February 21, 1980 41       Rosemary
RosemaryCh Junior Member 02-21-2019 0 02-21-2019 07:35 AM   October 20, 1977 43 I'm Skye and I live in Blagnac. I'm interested in Asian Studies, Photography and Vietnamese art. I like to travel and reading fantasy.BlagnacTrainspotting, Vehicle restoration1st grade in Asian Studies  Rosemary
RosemaryFl Junior Member 05-07-2019 0 05-07-2019 11:42 AM   October 28, 1980 40 I'm Albert and I live in Orly. I'm interested in Occupational Therapy, Skiing and Vietnamese art. I like travelling and watching The Simpsons.OrlyMeteorology, FencingDrug Enforcement Administration (DEA) agent  Rosemary
RosemaryFo Junior Member 08-07-2019 0 08-07-2019 09:27 AM   January 28, 1984 37       Rosemary
RosemaryGw Junior Member 10-15-2020 0 01-12-2021 10:32 PM   January 14, 1972 49       Rosemary
RosemaryHu Junior Member 06-20-2019 0 06-20-2019 02:39 PM   August 17, 1978 42       Rosemary
RosemaryM4 Junior Member 12-03-2018 0 12-03-2018 02:30 PM   October 3, 1983 37 49 yr old Mechanical Engineer Luigi Ciaburri from Leduc, has hobbies for example ceramics, med spa denver and rowing. Likes to visit new destinations like Phoenix Islands Protected Area.SkoldingeFishing, Rock collectinghigh school  Rosemary
RosemaryTr Junior Member 12-13-2018 0 12-13-2018 09:47 PM   February 2, 1980 41 Hi there! :) My name is Syreeta, I'm a student studying Business from Goldsithney, United Kingdom.GoldsithneyRugby league football, Tai Chistudy Business  Rosemary
RoseMcclou Junior Member 07-30-2019 0 07-30-2019 05:37 PM   May 8, 1983 38       Rose
RoseParmer Junior Member 11-19-2020 0 11-19-2020 10:00 PM   February 1, 1982 39       Rose
rosephan292 Junior Member 09-24-2019 0 08-22-2020 03:55 AM   February 7, 1998 23   Địa chỉ điều trị viÍm výng chậu   rosephan292
RoseRuscon Junior Member 08-20-2020 0 08-20-2020 08:06 PM   December 3, 1976 44       Rose
Rosetta686 Junior Member 04-09-2019 0 04-09-2019 08:45 AM   February 20, 1984 37 Hi, everybody! My name is Sheena. It is a little about myself: I live in Denmark, my city of Kobenhavn K. It's called often Northern or cultural capital of REGION SJALLAND. I've married 1 years ago. I have two children - a son (Senaida) and the daughter (Amos). We all like Scrapbooking.Kobenhavn KVintage Books, Sand castle building2nd grade in Political Science  Rosetta
RosettaCre Junior Member 06-26-2019 0 06-26-2019 03:48 PM   June 4, 1974 47       Rosetta
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