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    forex strategie
    Many experts have concluded from years of observation and research, that the Forex markets spend 80% of their time trading sideways and 20% of their time trending.A strategy that performs well in a trending market is therefore going to be effective only around 20% of the time. For the other 80% of the time it is necessary to have a strategy that will perform well in a sideways market
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    off course if we work on the forex market when the trend is two way then we can earn big money from the forex business

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    yes off course when we have a good knowledge about trading and we have a good experience then we will earn a good profit from it and get success in Forex

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    there are lot of trading strategy that mostly trader use in their trading i also prefer candle stick and gann trading strategy in my trading and also suggest other trader that they must try it and get a good earing in forex .

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    A major analysis of technical analysis is that it just considers price development, ignoring the fundamental variables of the organization. In any case, technical analysts accept that, at some random time, a stock price reflects everything that has or could influence the organization including fundamental elements. Technical analysts accept that the organization fundamentals, along with more extensive economic factors and market psychology, are completely priced into the stock, removing the need to really consider these elements independently.

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    in ro ham eslah kon:
    In Forex market patience is a good skill of a good Forex trader. SO, if you wanted to be a good Forex trader you have to develop this skill and keep patience in any critical situation. For getting a good trading result I have working with Forex4you one of the best brokers in this retail Forex market, Their expert assistance and guideline always help me to learn how to keep patience in any hard situation.

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