Should we trade under pressure?

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Thread: Should we trade under pressure?

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    Default Should we trade under pressure?

    Should we trade under pressure?
    Traders should not trade under any mental pressure. Always try to trade with your clear and calm mind. It is best to make a perfect trading decision. I always medicate before trading. It helps me to make a sound decision. My broker Eurotrader also gives some other good tips to relieve stress in forex trading. I try my best to follow those.

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    in ro ham eslah kon:
    Proper education is required to be a profitable trader. The education that will build you as a successful trader. In Forex trading, if two things can be followed properly, then it is possible to get success by trading. These are money management and risk management. If these two strategies can be combined with good analysis, then it is possible to make a lot of profit in trading. No matter how good the strategy is in trading, the risk will be to use the risk-reward to cover this loss. I am a trader of Forex4you. They are very supportive and helpful

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