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Thread: Very good EAs, indicators and strategies

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    Forex trading EAs or robots are made by programmer on the basis of given strategy. And there is no strategy that work in all type of markets. You need to up date your strategy according to the market situation. When you use someone else robot, you are just blindly following someone. Robot is good if you can make it yourself as I do. There is another problem not every broker allows using robot. But I can use my robot with Eurotrader as they allow robot trading.

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    Forex trading is not a game. It has so much risk. Every trader should learn basic knowledge about forex before entering into the market. Lack of knowledge can put them into a big problem. knowledge about forex can be learned in many ways. But the best way of learning forex is to open a demo account. This can help him to get knowledge, by which he can at least make a profit slowly. When I was new in this market, I gathered knowledge by opening a demo account in Tpglobalfx. It helps me to know about forex, about trading. I also know what is good for me and what is not. I am still trading with them. They are really helpful.

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    in ro ham eslah kon:
    A broker is an important element in the forex market. It helps to trade in forex. So, to make a profit in the forex market, it is very much needed to choose a good broker from so many brokers. When you are looking for a good broker you need to see many things. You should see their leverage system. You can also see their spreads system and customer service. I am trading with Forex4you. I choose them because they provide low spreads starts from 0.1 pips. they also give high leverage up to 1:1000. They have 56 pairs of FX. They provide 24X5 customer support to their customer. In short, They help me in every step I take to make a profit in forex market.

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