The closing borders nevertheless that some politics even swear that will remain open always is the major problem for the tourist industry. As individual person the Tourist is the enemy of the world. In the last two years many cities try to do anything to cut the tourist flow. There are many examples like Venice, Barcelona, Dubrovnik and so on.
Today the restrictions for the Tourist are much more and are not covered by separated cities and municipalities and are restricted by countries.
You cannot travel with a car, plane, train or ship. In the best case you can pass through some country in a limited time transit for 8-12 or 24 hours. You must stay closed for 14-days, to make test for coronavirus. You must fill up many documents and the country institutions will follow you where are you going where are you sleep and your meets.
The situation with the coronavirus shows that the end is too far away. The countries will stay closed for many months and years until the time when the governments and medicals stay clear that they cannot stop the virus and they must live as normal together with the virus. The virus remains on the scene until November 3rd 2020. After this date is a possible change in the politics about the new virus. It deepens by the vote election and is possible the crisis with the pandemic to continue even deeper or suddenly stop.
So the Tourist in 2020 is closed and the Tourist will remain closed and in 2021 due to the starting global crisis and less people are going to travel.
All tourist industries that expect foreigners will go to close. The air transport will not be back to the level of 2019 in many years ahead. Many air companies will consolidate or close. The hotels expecting foreign tourists will close forever.
It is comes a dark years for tourists and the tourist industries. The Global world is not the same as before and the word Global is unnecessary.