The Gold trades last week signal that our forecast for 00 is possible

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Thread: The Gold trades last week signal that our forecast for $1500 is possible

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    Default The Gold trades last week signal that our forecast for $1500 is possible

    The Gold trades last week signal that our forecast for 00 is possible
    The spot Gold price lose more than $53 during the last week and is on the way to new low prices predicted by us on May 27th. In forecast 10-days ago predicted that the rising price of Gold will stopped.
    On June 5th the last trading day of the first week of the new month the Gold lose more than $30 and signal that the downtrend is a fact.
    In the coming week we expect to see Gold trading in the range of $1640 and $1715. The tendency for downward direction will continue this week although that the movement will be not so fast as the prior week.
    The main target for Gold price remain levels below $1500 or close to $1500 per ounce in the coming few months time or latest at the end of 2020. So we continue to hold short position and plan to make new bought (long position) after few months time. - Forex, Stock, Energy and Metal signals to the world
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    Gold witnessed a subdued/range-bound price action on the first trading day of a new week. Hawkish Fed expectations, rebounding US bond yields, a stronger USD capped the upside. Easing Omicron fears boosted investors’ confidence and undermined the safe-haven metal.

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    in ro ham eslah kon:
    In 2023, we are seeing a spike in gold price. So, we can go for long and expect some more profit to reap. Eurotrader is a supportive broker and allows traders with free educational program to educate traders.

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