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    Stop loss and take profit
    Take profit is set at target point and at such a point where an order takes up its target. Using of stop loss will help you to get rid of getting bigger amount of loss even though loss is very frequent in Forex market indeed. But maximum people are not careful of using stop loss indeed. Even their brokers delay in activating the order. But FXDirects is a broker free of requotes, dealing desk and slippage. The broker offers a reliable mt4 trading platform with custom charter option.

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    A reliable broker is every traders demand. But finding the right broker is now very tough job because the scammers are increasing very rapidly. Most of the time traders canít achieve success due to trading with bad brokers. But I get Forex4you broker that is a true STP executing broker and highly regulated by the Financial Services and Commissions. From this reliable broker I never have been cheated. Moreover they ensure the funds security.

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    in ro ham eslah kon:
    Stop loss and take profit both are very important tool of forex market. Stop loss helps to prevent big loss and take profit ensures the sure amount of profit. These two things help a trader to do their trade tension free. Trading in forex market is always risky. Besides, a trader can not stay online for the whole day and night. These two elements can help the trader to fix his loss and profit. I am currently trading with TP Global FX. I can easily set my loss ratio and profit amount by the use of stop loss and take profit bar. It keeps me tension free and i don't need to sit all day long for making profit or not to make loss.

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