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    Demo trading
    When you trade in demo you know that you are not losing your money. You remain indifferent. But when you trade in real account, you become conscious. You now know profit and loss depends on your decision. Fear, greed, and joy starts working. Demo teachs us how our mind should be while trading in real account. I find XeroMarkets demo price is well synced with live market.

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    Without any lose in the demo trading account you can trade without any loss that you know. Moreover the demo account is the perfect place for learning practically. Almost all the brokerís give demo account facility in their trading but among brokers FXdirects is the best broker for using the demo account. In their demo account all most all the trading tools they allow so the traders can learn practically.

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    in ro ham eslah kon:
    I prefer the demo account for the experienced and for the newcomers. Because for using any new strategy for your trading or for learning about trading practically the demo account is very useful undoubtedly. At Forex4you trading platform I have tried the free demo account since they have almost all the real trading tools in their account. Before starting trading in real market I have practiced on their demo account for six months.

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