Technical issues have become a buzzword

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Thread: Technical issues have become a buzzword

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    Default Technical issues have become a buzzword

    Technical issues have become a buzzword
    Technical issues have become a buzzword because traders face it very often with their brokers. Dealing desks, requirements and slippage are key technical issues. Re-quote in the Forex world means that the broker you deal with is not able or willing to give you an operation based on the price you have entered. Due to the emission redeem the maximum cases traders fall victim to a huge loss. Generally this happens in a rapidly changing market, usually around the time of a big news announcement or some sort of shock to the system. With AAFX you will not have to face any re-quote, dealing desk and slippage problems.

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    By limiting your risk, you ensure that you will be able to continue to trade when things do not go as planned and you will always be ready. Work with Bprimes broker and use proper risk management to make your trade more better. Risk management is all about keeping your risk under control. Risk management rules will not only protect you, but they can make you very profitable in the long run. The more controlled your risk is, the more flexible you can be when you need to be.

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    in ro ham eslah kon:
    Due to many restrictions the bonuses we get from our brokers in real life trading cannot be used properly. And most of the brokers found to scam. Thatís why donít select the broker by considering their bonus offer. AT Forex4you trading platform I get all the secured facilities since this is a highly regulated Forex broker in this world market. From them I receive 25% deposit bonus which increases my trading profit.

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