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    Default FXB Trading mobile apps

    FXB Trading mobile apps

    Trading analysis app

    The Trading analysis app offers all the tools you need to track, analyse and stay up-to-date with the financial markets so that you never miss a trading opportunity while you are on the go.

    Get quick access to all our tools which include technical analysis, fundamental analysis, calendars, historical volatility, weekly video reviews and market news.
    Download apps here

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    Just for a knowledge purpose I tried to joined some groups on WhatsApp where the members limit is full, so I searched a lot of found about this GB WhatsApp Apk which has minimum 500 members features to join a group's...

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    in ro ham eslah kon:
    There are thousands of brokers in the market and among them, I prefer Eurotrader, one of the ECN brokers, allows traders with numerous facilities and high security of funding. The broker uses smart bridge technology and provides high leverage, narrow trading spread, flexible margin and other facilities moderately.

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