Dealing desk or no dealing desk.

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Thread: Dealing desk or no dealing desk.

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    Default Dealing desk or no dealing desk.

    Dealing desk or no dealing desk.
    I am utilizing No Dealing Desk broker. Managing work area borker isn't appropriate for me. Managing Desk implies that your Forex Broker makes the evaluating and executes your requests. The spread is normally settled, which implies that generally, the spreads are higher than normal variable spreads. Check for confinements on setting orders amid news or monetary occasions; for some traders, this is a key time to trade.

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    There are two types of broker in this market and I like to trade with dealing desk broker. Dealing desk broker always provides extra advantages than non-dealing desk broker. I trade with dealing desk broker named AAFX. This broker welcomed me with 35% welcome bonus and gives me 30$ redeposit bonus every time I deposit. It also allows me to trade with multiple trade methods. As it gives me 1:2000 leverage I can take as many trades as I want.

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    in ro ham eslah kon:
    'No Dealing Desk' a way of forex trading that provides immediate access to the interbank market. The interbank market is where foreign currencies are traded. This is different than trading through the dealing desks that are found in many banks and financial institutions. I am a trader of Trade12 where I face no technical errors while trading with their platform like dealing desk and slippage.

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