When we talk about brokers than its obvious concept to look for attractive brokers that offers benefits such as bonus, rebates and benefits on that lines but whatís often forgotten is quality of the company. It all is fine till we start suffering that we realize that all these luxuries we get is meaningless with wrong broker. I realized it quite early in my career when I came across an Australian ECN/STP broker and that was FpMarkets, itís a company you wonít call for break-taking bonuses or rebates, but what you can be certain is quality which is simply stunning!

FpMarket apart from been regulated by ASIC, it's also been a pillar of this industry for last 11/12 YEARS and winning as many as 34 Awards. From offering wide range of instruments to select from, it has complete transparent, simple and straight forward structure that not just offers the best, but in a way that makes trading look walk in the park!

To put it in accurate way, FpMarkets is not a broker for gamblers or get rich overnight type of players; itís a broker for REAL TRADERS!