How many analysis I need to do to open a trade.

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Thread: How many analysis I need to do to open a trade.

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    Default How many analysis I need to do to open a trade.

    How many analysis I need to do to open a trade.
    How many analysis I need to do to open a trade if I want to be successful in that trade and how can I do all of them?

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    I got an exact point, because always we have to do good analysis before opening any new position. But, believe me, you may not get good trading analysis easily, it?s very rare. But, I am lucky that I get both kind of trading analysis on daily basis from TradingBanks broker even without any money. So, It helps me to earn live money in my real account.

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    My experience says that the best strategy is to choose a type of analysis that you undesrand better and apply only it. For example, I'm keen on Elliott Waves, so I follow analysts who make forecasts based on this analysis. There are good forecasts on FreshForex website. Just choose one you like most and practice with it.

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    I will suggest you one thing and that’s to learn things properly, it makes no sense to talk about the stuff you mention, as it’s never like that. I will suggest you to learn from Baby Pips, as they got step by step guide and also there is great company OctaFX, it also got great educational section present, so we can learn from here and that is something that will really grow our chances to get success without any difficulty at all.

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    in ro ham eslah kon:
    Good trading decision can make a trader successful in his trading career easily. A newbie canít take his own decision and thatís why he or she should choose the reliable broker for better decision making. Forex4you my broker helps me to take my decisions in my career. They give experts assistance to guide their traders. Now by the help of my broker I am trading well and making good money.

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