Trade base on similar pair. ????

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Thread: Trade base on similar pair. ????

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    Default Trade base on similar pair. ????

    Trade base on similar pair. ????
    Many traders trade one pair base on what is happening on the other similar pair,in most cases they gain and at times they loose,do they believe that there is pairs that always have similar action? Help me to point out those ones that i can trade simultaneously.

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    yes my point off view trade is male similar pair ect eur/usd ,,, acutly this pair is very comfertable for aal traders ,, and i use this pair all the time in forex trading ,,,,

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    I didn't use any pair

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    I think, you mean actually currency correlation! But according to my personal trading experience, there is nothing like currency correlation! Even single pair moves according to it?s own market flow and pattern! But I like to trade various trading instruments, in my live chart I use Indices and CFDs with popular Fx currencies! I have so many options for trading from flexible broker TradingBanks!

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    in ro ham eslah kon:
    One should never give up in when trying to reach his goal in any business weather it is stock market or case of Forex business. As a trader I always work as much as I can, because I believe in hard work to reach the goal. My broker Forex4you always supported me in different ways by giving me daily trading analysis, continuous service by 24/7, comfortable trading environment and many others.

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