How international news affect forex market?

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Thread: How international news affect forex market?

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    Default How international news affect forex market?

    How international news affect forex market?
    Killing of Usama Bin Ladin, the Alqaeda's big boss is a huge news for the whole world especially USA and its allied forces.
    The oil prices on the following day of Laden's death fell about 3 per percent by $ 4.22 to $121.67. But according to a French news agency, the impact of bin Laden's death was ultimately negligible for the currency. The Forex market did not see any sudden fluctuation due to that news.

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    international market obviously effect the forex market.because suddenly growth in the oil few days ago,effect the market rate.although the forex market does not effect sudden flactuation.

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    dear in now a days trading is doing at the same time all over the world and if international way market id up set then ;local market is move in a down way so we can say that market is also effected .

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    in ro ham eslah kon:
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