Popular Forex Scams????

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    Default Popular Forex Scams????

    Popular Forex Scams????
    what is is the Popular Forex Scams and what u can know about it say some as u know???????

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    There have lots of scam trading brokers in Forex industry! In addition, new traders are unable to detect them without losing money! Whatever, I started my trading life with reliable trading platform TradingBanks. This one is a true ECN broker so, I am sure they are any market maker company! Besides, I get all of live trading features here!

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    Although, it’s long list of scams in recent past, but one broker that I do remember and is fresh in eyes of many, it’s IronFX, it’s a broker that scammed many people just recently, so I do think it’s one of the most popular scams and we need to learn from it.

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    in ro ham eslah kon:
    From my first day of trading with Forex4you trading broker I have been trading I Forex industry. I refer this broker for all types of Forex trader. They give different trading platforms for their customers. And for making good money in Forex market I am using their web based trading platform. This is free from all error, so I can always trade without any problem in my life. This is much fluent and smooth trading platform I ever seen in this trade market.

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