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    Default Introduce to Forex Blog

    Introduce to Forex Blog
    introduction to my fx blog of my japanese forex website.

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    i will not agree with u because i will not know the Japanese so we will give it after converting into english

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    It is the equivalent with forex trading: No two traders have the very same style. That is why it's significant for you to pick a style of trading that resonates with your character and characterizes what your identity is. Forex traders the world over can be categorized as one of five classifications: scalpers, day traders, swing traders, position traders, and mechanical traders. The fundamental difference between the classifications of traders is the time period utilized while trading.

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    A trader should acquire good trading knowledge if want to become a successful trader. Because without acquiring good trading knowledge a trader will never ever be able to earn huge money from this business so learning is important. Forex4you is a nice trading broker who gives best and efficient educative sessions on their platform. As a trader I learn from their free demo account but they have more programs on their educational platform.

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    in ro ham eslah kon:
    Please also include Hotforex in the list of top brokers. I know a lot of traders from Japan who trade with them they are satisfied with their services.

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