1ForexForum is looking for moderators to work on the forum ( salary).

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Thread: 1ForexForum is looking for moderators to work on the forum ($25 salary).

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    1ForexForum is looking for moderators to work on the forum ( salary).
    1. What is your name?
    waqas haider

    2. How old are you?
    22 years

    3. Which category / section you would like to moderate?
    to control spamming

    4. How long have you been familiar with Forex trading, is this a positive experience?
    i spent my last 5 month in forex and i enjoyed this whole period

    5. Please, provide links to your profiles on other forums about Forex, so that we can view your discussions and assess your abilities.
    6. Do you have any experience in moderation? If you have some, please, provide links with examples of your work.
    i don"t have any experience but i want to be a moderate and if u will give me one chance then i can prove my self.
    7. What would you add to our forum? Please, describe your suggestions for 1ForexForum improvement and development?
    i thing this broker should add the referrel system
    8. What languages do you speak?
    i have good writing skills of English and also can speak
    9. How much time you are willing to spend on the forum?
    i can give u 8 hours but 25$ is not much for 8 hours

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    Name: Raees

    age: 24

    section: any section

    Experience: 4 years

    moderator experiences: i am currently moderator at ppscforum.com but's it's not about Forex but i assure you my best work of moderator

    Profile link: http://indian-forex.com/forum.php?referrerid=18040

    language: English, Urdu, Hindi

    i can improve this forum with my profitable strategies and indicators and can answer any question about basics of trading and indicators usage. I will try to keep discipline and manage all problems of my section with my full heed.

    we can improve this forum and make attractive with free daily Forex signal and daily pairs analysis help thread

    i can give 12 hours easily because i am doing Forex as profession.
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    name: adnan
    age: 22
    section: any
    well i have no experience in moderation but i am in many forums and i am giving much time to my internet, so i want to apply for moderation to help people, guide them, improve forum and gain experience...thanx

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    in ro ham eslah kon:
    Hi all

    we dont need moderator with salary any more, if you to be our moderator without any salary contact us.

    best regards

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