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    Default No #1 Forex Broker In 2020 | Forex Birds

    No #1 Forex Broker In 2020 | Forex Birds
    No #1 Forex Broker In 2020 | Forex Birds

    Trade with Forex Birds | Genuine Forex Broker | CFD | Indices

    About Forex Birds!

    If you are looking for a well-regulated and safe Forex broker with optimal trading conditions, Forex Birds is. With our quality services, we have become an established player in the massive Forex industry and we have been able to earn the trust of thousands of traders all over the world.
    Whether you want to change your broker or you just want to choose a new one, Forex Birds is the perfect choice that will partner with you to achieve your trading goals.

    Why You Should Choose Us

    We Are Well-regulated and Safe
    Your Forex broker will hold your funds. Thus, it is important you verify it is safe. Forex Birds easily circumvents this concern as we are registered with and duly regulated by the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC). Consequently, you can be sure that we will always keep you and your funds safe!

    We Genuinely Want Our Clients to Succeed

    Genuinely, we want to see you succeed. Once you open an account with us, we will hold your capital in trust and teach you how to trade. We will work with you until you succeed.
    Our trading platforms are responsive, our execution speed is fast, the markets we cover are broad, and we give you tools that will help you minimise your losses and magnify your gains. We want to see you succeed because as our client, your success is our pride!

    We Are A Broker of Established Repute
    Our reputation has been confirmed. We have been around for long and about us our clients from all over the world have nothing but positive things to say.
    We offer only a market-leading, industry-standard brokerage service, and we know you would not want to deny yourself of it.

    Why Trade With Us

    Favorable Trading Conditions

    Our trading platforms are user-friendly. They were developed with the sole aim of satisfying the needs of our clients. Hence, they are responsive and high intuitive, making them easy to navigate. What is more; the execution speed is fast and with them, trading will become seamless and effortless for you.

    Multiple Financial Markets Covered

    Financial markets are full of opportunities. As a result, the more of them a broker offers, the better for the trader. At Forex Birds, we understand this best so we always seek to expand our product offerings.
    From multiple currency pairs to CFDs, commodities, and even cryptocurrencies, with over <10,000> tradable products, we have you covered. You just bring your wish while we give you your want.

    Comprehensive Learning Resources

    At Forex Birds, we are genuinely committed to our users' success. We understand that without them, there won’t be us. So, we work with the aim to make them expert traders who will trade for long, who will not just trade for a while and quit.
    Hence, we provide comprehensive learning resources in the form of explainer articles, tutorials, videos, and webinars — all to ensure that they succeed!

    Efficient Customer Support Service

    You will not appreciate the relevance of a broker's customer support service until you run into any glitch or have any issue. However, at Forex Birds, we do not wait for you to have either before we provide a customer support service — an efficient one at that — for you.
    No matter any question you have or issue to resolve, our customer support service is available 24/7 to attend to your needs.

    Sound Money Management Techniques

    At Forex Birds, it is our joy to see our clients not just trading with ease but also succeeding at it. And statistics have revealed that most traders that quit do so because they get burned as a result of poor money management practices.
    Forex Birds, therefore, helps you manage your money and risk through its provisions such as stop-loss and limit orders. With us, your capital is safe, your profits are protected, and you can be a trader for long.

    Advanced Trading Platforms

    Metatrader 5

    MetaTrader 5 is an online trading platform used by a good number of forex traders which contains an MT5 terminal. This trading platform is used in t -he trade of a wide number of trading instruments and futures and provides great trading functionality to its users. It gives traders the ability to create functional trading strategies, automates their trade within seconds, provid-es live-streaming forex quotes, includes charting tools, and can be downloaded into android phones, mobile phones, Smartphone, and personal computers.
    To trade in any financial market, you need a user-friendly platform with multiple functions for outstanding trading experience. Of course, there are many of those platforms in the industry. However, if you additionally want comfort and overall excellent trading functions, you would even be more selective in your choice. Then there is MetaTrader 5, the powerful trading platform that takes the whole of financial markets and put them in your hands. Since its official release in June 2010, it has been able to grow into the platform of choice for most traders — and for good reasons. Start trading on user-friendly platform mt5!

    Metatrader 4

    MetaTrader 4 is the golden, standard trading platform of the Forex industry. So much has been its popularity that virtually every Forex trader uses it in one form or another. This popularity has been rightly earned: indeed, the platform has mind-blowing features that make trading easy to do. You should start using it if you are not yet. And if you are using it already, you should find the following description eye-opening enough for you to start deploying it in more optimal ways.This platform has the ability to trade on different instruments like forex, CFDs, commodities and more.
    The MetaTrader 4 platform has an excellent interface. It is simple and easy to use for Forex and futures traders. The features are arranged in a well-balanced layout that makes trading intuitive. As a result, users can find their way around it, with no complication to impede their trading. The platform has 4 types of pending orders. Also, it enables traders to customise its functions to suit their needs. It is safe and convenient and also allows access to forex and futures trading from any device. Hence, with the MT4, you can be sure you will always have great trading experiences. Start trading on user-friendly platform mt4!

    Types Of Accounts

    Feel Free To Choose Any Account Type You Like!

    Easy way to Deposit and Withdraw your funds

    FOREX BIRDS Providing Forex White Label

    What Is Forex White Label?

    If you are a professional trader, you must have heard of the term “forex white label” during the course of your trading career. If you have not heard of it or you are a newbie in the forex ecosystem, then this article is curated with you in mind. In this article, we will walk you through what it is all about and how it works.
    Simply put; It’s a program in the forex market designed specifically for restricted institutions or individuals that want to build and maintain a brand on the market. In the forex market, dealers of the program are usually presented with a platform, say MT5, to hold their logo, brand, and website contents. The program also includes services like administrative and support functions. It also allows traders to execute trades themselves and give them the leverage to network, learn, and copy other professionals’ trade on auto-pilot.

    Become an Forex Introducing Broker (IB)

    The Comprehensive Guide About Forex Introducing Broker (IB)

    IB (Introducing Broker) is a major part of Forex Industry, which works as bringing new clients to a foreign exchange brokerage. The Introducing agent gets a fee for bringing customers to a brokerage. When talking about Forex, the fee an Introducing agent gets is a share of the commission or spread charged by a brokerage. For instance, if a client is charged around a total of ten dollars commission for a given foreign exchange trade, an IB can get fifty percent of the sum or anything on the line.

    A large percent of brokerage companies like to operate Introducing Broker programs because it can lower the costs required to get new clients. The marketing efforts will be assigned to people and companies that are working on a commission basis. Some nations require that Introducing Brokers should be authorized entities by law. For example, in the United States of America, IBs are expected to register with the NFA to do business with US citizens. Introducing brokers in Europe are not bound by any law or requirement to be regulated, but may pass through a thorough vetting procedure.

    Advantages Of Becoming A Foreign Exchange IB
    The real advantage of becoming an Introducing Broker for a brokerage is that you have the opportunity of making money without any risk in the foreign exchange market or opening positions. Becoming an IB comes with attractive and lucrative benefits that can get anyone interested in the job. Below are some other amazing advantages that you get for becoming an Introducing Broker:

    1. The operating costs for any IB program remain low. Using your referral activities from a brokerage program can help an IB to start making money without investing in any fund.

    2. It is not required for an IB to trade before making money with a brokerage program. The most important thing that can help an IB make money is to expand and find their client’s network. The commission of an Introducing Broker is equal to their trading customer’s combined volume.

    3. Building on a residual income without demanding much effort is another amazing benefit of becoming an IB. An IB can cash out their income on a monthly or weekly basis, depending on the relationship they have with a brokerage platform.

    4. It is a ready-made internet business. IBs can start making money on their network of customers instead of profiting from trading.

    5. Support, operations, and backend are done by the foreign exchange broker. IBs will not have to worry about anything provided the customer has registered with their preferred foreign exchange broker.

    6. The job of an Introducing Broker is completely concentrated on promotion, advertising, and marketing


    Daily Market Analysis
    In tackling the market, traders use different approaches. There are Forex technical analyses and fundamental analyses. Forex technical analysis uses tools such as candlestick patterns and indicators. The fundamental approach works on economic news(forex news). However, fundamentals move the market. As a result, you should pay attention to market analysis such as Forex news. Our daily live news gives vital insights into the market and makes you a more informed decision maker. It analyses the daily behaviour of price, its movement, and how traders can use it to make more gains. Traders will find this easier to do as they develop more insights into the market using this powerful tool.

    ------------------------ Trade with Forex Birds | Genuine Forex Broker | CFD | Indices --------------------------
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    Itís hard to understand if calling yourself no.1 really makes it. As I feel it certain doesnít do that and itís the reason why one got to be extremely careful and avoid trading with such broker. Itís not wise thing to do at all.

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    in ro ham eslah kon:
    Broker is an important element of Forex. A broker can be the way of making profit or facing loss. So it is very important to choose the broker wisely. Low spreads, dynamic leverage, ease of trades are some features of good broker. I am also a trader. I always use TP Global FX. Because they provide me low spreads starts from 0.01 pips and maximum leverage of 1:500. They are also very much cooperative.

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