Broker the actual villain?

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Thread: Broker the actual villain?

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    Default Broker the actual villain?

    Broker the actual villain?
    I never believe in saying stuff like this but I must ask what people feel about some brokers! Is broker the actual villain in this high risk adventure called Forex? At least, I have that believe with past experiences, as with broker like Instaforex, IronFX, ForexMart and some others, I can say that they can really be the villain you donít want to meet!

    I have suffered a lot in past only due to companies like these where not only I had to deal with slippages, high spread, restrictions and other stuff, but also had to fight for withdrawals! So, I say broker is the ACTUAL villain.

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    in ro ham eslah kon:
    A reliable broker is very important for a trader. You canít survive in the forex market without a reliable broker. If you trade with ascam broker then you will face losses. The scam broker is the actual villain I believe it. They always try make you lose. A reliable broker is very important. After much research, I found a reliable broker Eurotrader. I trade with them. They are really very reliable and solid brokers.

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