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    Default Myfx Software

    Myfx Software
    Trading Platform
    The MYFX Console is a powerful trading platform available for all Foreign Exchange traders using Metatrader 4.
    MYFX Overview - YouTube
    A feature that has been available in MYFX for a while is the “Trade Manager”. This helps a lot of traders who wish to set complex Take Profit and Stop Loss positions. The MYFX Trade Manager allows you, in particular, to set up to 4 different Take Profit levels with a different percentage of trade being taken out on each level.

    Trade Execution Features

    => 1 Click Trade Execution
    => Default Trade TP / SL
    => 1 Click Break Even
    => 1 Click Close Trade
    => Close All Trades Button
    => See your risk per trade
    => Time Trade Opened

    Platform Features
    =>MYFX Trade Manager
    =>Customisable Websites
    =>Peer to Peer Trading
    =>OCO Functions
    =>Account Floating P/L as %
    =>Account Summary View
    =>Account Mandate


    "MYFX is a long awaited interface and a fantastic product" - Bradley, Australia.

    "MYFX is a great piece of software that will get better and I would not hesitate to recommend it to fellow traders." - Genevieve, Singapore

    "Used the product this morning when trading non-farm payroll and it worked like a champion." - Michael, USA

    Free trial MYFX Forex Trading Platform - Cutting edge tools for Brokers and Traders
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    In order to make trading profitable, you need to gain real knowledge about trading. Many are earning money by trading only through good knowledge. So first you have to do a lot of research on trading to make a profit. The thing you need after learning to trade is to be a good broker. If the broker is not good, then you have to work hard to make a profit in trading. When I started my trading carrier, I had no knowledge about Forex. I learn the basics with the help of TP Global FX markets.

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    in ro ham eslah kon:
    This question varies from person to person or trader to trader. Some of the trader think that forex is easy, while some think that it is not so easy. According to me, forex is easy if you have all the knowledge about forex. If you know what should do and what shouldn't than forex is easy for you. Those who have little knowledge about forex can face difficulties when they are going to trade. I am also a trader of Forex4you. They help me to make profit and minimize the loss. With the help of them forex becomes easy for me.

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