Aggressive trading psychology in Forex Market

Each forex currency pair has their specific behavior which differentiates itself from other currency pairs; similarly each trader have their own different trading style and strategies.
In this article we are going to focus on aggressive traders and how they plan their trades. We will highlight the factors that traders who are looking to follow an aggressive trading style should understand.
Being aggressive doesn’t mean using large stop loss or for that matter using no stop loss. Also it doesn’t mean entering many trades at a time and closing the ones that are in profit and let the ones that are in negative stay open, I will term that type of trading as reckless trading and this type of trading cannot produce profits.
Now explaining what I mean by aggressive trading; for example when we consider retracements using fibonacci, the weaker levels generally lay around 25% to 35% while stronger levels are generally around 50% to 61.8% levels. What aggressive traders do is that they focus on both levels and conservative traders wait for their opportunities around the stronger levels.
Aggressive forex traders can either choose to enter at both levels separately or sometimes can use strong trading levels to average out the first trade. Since the aggressive trading requires more number of entries therefore the margin required for trading also is reflected in the same manner and margin requirement is on the higher side. Similarly the risk and profit factor are on the higher side for aggressive trading as there are instances when there are multiple transactions open up and averaging each other.
Another thing to remember, like all other factors, one should be very consistent in trading and should be following one consistent strategy. As the risk and reward factor is very high, generally only traders with large account size and reasonable experience indulge in such trading style.
Although I do not recommend aggressive trading, traders who are into it should manage their risk % appropriately and accept the high risk, high reward mentality. If you think that is not for you, I would recommend you to trade like majority of the pros do – By picking only the best trades with price action confirmation.
This way, although we trade lesser but we have a higher winning probability.
Forex is a psychology game, choose your path, demo it first and if it works for you. Stick to it whole heartedly. Do not jump ship when a new INTERESTING strategy comes along and you will be back to square 1. However if your strategy is not working for you, find out the problem, tweak it and keep practicing it til you got it perfected.
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See you on the other side!
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