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    Default ACFX Rebates

    ACFX Rebates
    ACFX Rebates

    Rebate Rates:

    MT4 Floating Spread | MT4 Fixed Spread : UP to 36 USD / round turb lot
    STP : Up to 39 USD / round turn lot

    To Open A New Account And Receive Pip Rebate

    1. The first you need Sign Up for a free account.
    2. After free Sign Up you must Sign in in your account.
    3. Use the link(s) below to open a new account.
    4. In your control panel in "Brokerage Account" section complete all fields.
    5. Choose your payment method so we know where to send your Cash Rebate.
    6. All steps must be completed to receive Cash Rebate.


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