Short-Term Traders Secrets Candlesticks Gaps Breakout Patterns

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Thread: Short-Term Traders Secrets Candlesticks Gaps Breakout Patterns

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    Default Short-Term Traders Secrets Candlesticks Gaps Breakout Patterns

    Short-Term Traders Secrets Candlesticks Gaps Breakout Patterns

    Short-Term Traders Secrets Candlesticks Gaps Breakout Patterns
    English | Avi | Dx50 | 720x480 | 30fps | Mp3 128kbps 44100hz | 9.87Gb
    Genre: Video training

    Join two of the trading industry’s hottest figures, Steve Nison of and Ken Calhoun of, in this massive 7-DVD seminar series for active traders.You’ll begin learning dozens of short term trading secrets with this “Best of the East and the West” seminar that had participants clapping and cheering as they learned the insider techniques for successful active trading.
    Using Steve's important basic candle signals plus the insights of Ken Calhoun's years of real world experience using intraday stock charts, you'll learn how to use intraday stock charts for:

    * intraday stock traders— see specific momentum breakout and pivot trading strategies for quick rount-trip trades (several minutes to several hours)

    * stock swing traders (holding a position from overnight to several weeks) to get even earlier breakout and reversal signals than you would using only daily charts

    A popular foundation trading system, Steve and Ken reveal their most important chart patterns and trading strategies.

    Captured "raw" by one of our actual traders during a live seminar, this system has been popular with hundreds of traders worldwide and provides a solid introductory foundation to both candle charts and western momentum breakout day and swing trading.

    Ideal for a first course for stock traders who want to learn BOTH how to use candle chart patterns with western momentum swing and intraday breakout trading strategies.

    DVD 1: Candlesticks for Active Traders: The Basics and Beyond (2hrs 20 mins)
    DVD 2: Trading the Candlesticks: Entry and Exit Signals (2 hrs 30 mins)
    DVD 3: Insider Secrets for Trading Intraday Candlesticks (1 hr 25 mins)
    DVD 4: Breakout Day Trading Indicators and Patterns (2hrs 10 mins)
    DVD 5: Swing Trading Secrets: 10-Day ADX Breakouts (1 hr 45 mins)
    DVD 6: Precision Tape Reading Strategies: Profiting with Time and Sales (1 hr)
    DVD 7: Bonus – Extra Video Live Seminar Footage (2 hrs 15 mins)

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    in ro ham eslah kon:
    Thank you for the*informative*post.

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