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    Default Company news on June 27th

    Grand Capital
    Grand Capital recognized as the fastest developing broker in Nigeria
    Grand Capital was awarded as the fastest growing broker in Nigeria by popular local radio station Star FM. At the award ceremony, our head office was represented by Goutam Das, Director of Development in Africa at Grand Capital.
    Our company has been an active presence in the region. In just a one year, Grand Capital opened four new offices, two in Lagos, one in Port Harcourt and one in Ife. The increasing demand for our services inspired us to improve our trading conditions, in 2019 we added two new payment options that allow making deposits and withdrawing funds in Nigerian nairas. All of this is available for our traders right now. Furthermore, we regularly hold educational events in the region: trading and investing seminars, webinars, expos.
    If youre interested in online trading, visit our office in your city and start learning. See contacts.
    Goutam Das, Director of Development in Africa:
    We wholeheartedly thank Star FM for appreciating the activity of Grand Capital so highly. We are honored to receive this award. In our work, we always prioritize the needs of our clients, and we hope to continue living up to their trust.

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    Post Company news on June 27th

    Interview with contest winners: Make mistakes and analyze them. Only then youll understand how to trade properly
    Most of our traders are self-taught. Before starting to trade, they had to absorb a lot of information. But they kept going towards their goal, thinking of their failures as of useful experience that would help them in the future. And this is exactly what happened. Read the stories of our contest winners in our latest interview round-up.
    Andriy Leontiev, Ukraine, winner of the 248th round of Rally Trade, received a no-deposit bonus of $500
    Preferred instruments: gold and oil
    Preferred indicators: Fibonacci grid
    My name is Andriy, Im 44 and I work as a security guard. My hobbies are trading and gardening. I got into trading about a year ago thanks to professional forums and webinars. At first, I set small goals for myself: for example, to take the first place in a contest. Now I want to become an account manager and earn consistent income, so that trading becomes and alternative to a regular job. My day begins with reading news and fundamental analyses, then analyses of charts, I learn what happened to the markets, then I set up Stop orders and go out to the garden. Gardening is my way of dealing with emotions. I picked Grand Capital because of their great contests and positive reviews. I tried not to look at the other contest participants rating before the finish so I didnt get nervous. It helped me win. When Im calm, my trades are well thought out. Beginners should choose a strategy that suits them: scalping, middle term of long term; analyze trades and never stop working on them.
    Andriy Dralyuk, Ukraine, winner of the 76th round of Futures Trade, received a no-deposit bonus to $1,000
    Preferred instruments: GBPJPY, GBPCAD, GBPNZD, USDZAR, FDAX
    Preferred trading strategies: long term trading, scalping
    Preferred indicators: Moving Averages, Fibonacci Retracement
    My name is Andriy, Im a business owner. My hobbies include guitar, athletics and, of course, trading. I learned trading myself, by the method of trial and error, read a lot of analytics on the websites of investing companies, followed the market, drew parallels and made conclusions. Right now my goal is simple: start getting 1,000% of profit monthly. If I make it, it would be a great success. My worst trade involved buying pounds. It was just before the Brexit referendum. I thought it was the best time to buy GBP and lost about a thousand pips in a day, my balance hit zero. Since then Ive been using Stop Loss and carefully choose volume of a trade. Generally Im not prone to excessive worrying, but meditation helps me control my emotions. When choosing a broker, I pay attention to rating. Grand Capital has a pretty good rating. As for the contests organized by Grand Capital, I like available trading instruments, quick rounds and transparent rules. Nothing needs improving so far.
    The struggle was pretty intense in this round. On Thursday, I understood that I was getting behind and started trading FDAX index because it was highly liquid and temporarily volatile. Thanks to this, I managed to take the first place.
    My piece of advice to novice traders is not to give up. Youll have drawdowns, as well as failures. Make mistakes and analyze them. Only then youll understand how to trade properly. Dont be afraid of failures, they are a part of victory.

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    Default Company news on July 16th

    First Grand Capital office in Brazil
    This business week has started off with great news for our traders in South America. Were glad to announce that a new Grand Capital office opened on July 11th, 2019 in Imbituba, Santa Catarina, Brazil.
    This office with a stunning view of the Atlantic coast has everything necessary to receive clients and conduct business meetings.
    Come to our new office to receive:
    advice on capital management, improve your financial literacy and learn more about online trading;
    assistance in using automated trading systems and EAs
    Our new office will offer consultation services to both new and existing clients of Grand Capital. Furthermore, our experts will help you open a trading account, deposit and withdraw funds, they will tell you about legal and fiscal aspects of Forex, about bonuses and special offers of Grand Capital.
    Address: Avenida Dr. Joo Rimsa, n 785 Sala 812, Centro, Imbituba, Santa Catarina, Brasil.
    Phone: +55 48 99158 3331
    See you in our new office!

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    Post Company news on July 16th

    Educational seminars held in Francistown and Gaborone
    On July 3rd and 6th, Grand Capital held educational seminars in Gaborone and Francistown, Botswanas capital and second largest city respectively.
    At the event, our representatives spoke about Forex trading and the earning opportunities it offers.
    The event was hosted by Grand Capital partner Mpho Motlhasedi with the assistance from our Director of Development in Africa Goutam Das.
    The speakers talked about the possibilities offered by MetaTrader4 trading platform, how to set up orders, what kind of trading account to choose. They also discussed the advantages of copy trading and passive investments. Before the event concluded, visitors had a chance to talk to the speakers and ask them questions about Forex trading.
    Follow our news and never miss an upcoming event.

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