Dear clients,

FreshForex is a team of professionals, but we realize that with local partners in every country we will do something really great, because namely local people know how to make our company better for local traders. Thatís why we have been developing our partnership program day by day adding new types of cooperation.

To build closer partnership relations our first conference for potential partners and Local depositors was organized in Nigeria, Owerri city by our partner and local agent Emeka Chukwunyere Divine Favour on September 11.

50 people attended our meeting and most of them registered right there because of our profitable terms for partners and friendly trading conditions for our clients which are easy to advertise.


US Federal Reserve meetingDear clients,

On September 23, a meeting of the US Federal Reserve System, the body that performs the functions of the Central Bank of America, will take place. The decision on the interest rate will determine the further movement of the market, which arouses interest among traders.

What is in the spotlight this time, our expert reveals:

The Feds may raise the rate by 0.75% and indicate the need for further rate hikes at the next meetings in November and December, as high inflation leaves the Central Bank no choice but to tighten monetary policy. On Wednesday, consider selling GBPUSD, AUDUSD, #SP500, #NQ100.

Get profit from the start ó any deposit with cryptocurrency gives an additional 10% to the account.


Dear clients,

Good news, our list now includes 10 more instruments, including those back to service after 2 years, palladium and platinum:

#SMI20, Switzerland 20 (Swiss Market Index) is a key Swiss stock index. Includes 20 largest companies whose shares are traded on the Swiss stock exchange. At the moment, the index makes up more than 85% of the Swiss stock market.

#ChinaA50, China A50 (FTSE China A50 Index) is a stock market index from the FTSE Group (a joint venture of FTSE-Xinhua until 2010), the components were selected from the Shanghai Stock Exchange and the Shenzhen Stock Exchange, which issue Class A shares.

XPTUSD, Platinum vs US Dollar/Spot. In addition to being a precious metal, platinum is a unique subcategory of the platinum group metals. Used in jewelry but mostly known for its use in the car industry. Spot prices refer to the price of precious metals for immediate delivery. Trades in bullion coins are almost always valued using the spot price as a basis.

XPDUSD, Palladium vs US Dollar/Spot. Also belongs to the platinum group. This metal is an important component in catalytic converters that are used to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from gasoline engines. In recent years, strong demand for gasoline-powered vehicles has greatly increased the demand for palladium.

CUCUSD, Copper (Chicago) vs US Dollar. Demand for copper is quite high as it is an industrial metal that is a good conductor of electricity. Copper is used in a variety of applications, from air conditioners and televisions to cars. Particular interest in the metal arose against the backdrop of an increase in the production of electric vehicles.

We have also added cross-rates of well-known metals to well-known world currencies: XAGCHF, Silver vs Swiss Franc; XAGEUR, Silver vs Euro; XAGGBP, Silver vs Great Britain Pound; XAUCHF, Gold vs Swiss Franc; XAUGBP, Gold vs Great Britain Pound.

More detailed trading conditions can be found in the CFD Specifications.

Use familiar instruments, master new ones and make a profit!