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    Default New Contest: demo account

    New Contest: demo account
    dear i want to now that all the traders what feel when they use the demo contest in the 1 forex or all the traders are the agree that the 1 forex forum start the contest on the forum and give the chance to win the credit

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    I will say demo is must for multiple reasons. Firstly, itís a way to check how reliable the broker is and get use to the conditions and also to use it for creating strategies, as thatís really the way you are able to perform and achieve better results. It will not help otherwise at all.

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    in ro ham eslah kon:
    The demo is the most essential part of forex, especially for the newbies. For doing better businesses traders must have gained vast knowledge and practiced more if you are a newbie you have to practice in a demo account and should be connected to a reliable broker. Whereas, my broker is FreshForex which provides MT-4 & MT-5 for software and 1:2000 leverages, spreads starting from 0 pips, lower margin levels, and flexible transactions.

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