When we talk or think about the Swap FREE Account, it is mainly to do with Islamic stuff, where it is prohibited to trade WITHOUT it. However, with the way trading is working and the uncertainty that’s coming in the industry, there is a major need of long term orders, therefore, Swap FREE Account is no longer just Islamic thing, but also necessary for everyone! But with majority of the brokers not willing to allow everyone such facility, it’s tough to move forward.

But inbetween that, it is FreshForex that is truly shining with their Swap FREE Account option!

With FreshForex everyone is allowed to open and trade through Swap FREE Account. With such luxury, it really makes trading so much simpler, easier and beneficial, especially beginners. With that one is able to trade confidently without having to worry about extra fees/charges and once you got such freedom and comfort, it also boosts the results to help generate profits consistently!