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    Default General Rules

    General Rules
    General Rules

    Make sure you read & obey the following rules properly before starting posting

    1. Spamming - Short, one-line, meaningless, irrelevant & useless posts are considered as spam. Members who will be caught spamming will get an infraction and If the member continues to spam even after the infraction he/she will be banned from the forum.

    2. Hijacking - Members who are caught hijacking another thread will get automatically an infraction or a permanent ban.
    *Hijacking* - Posting your referral link of that or another program in any post other than the main post of the thread.

    3. Duplication - Duplicate posts or threads are strictly prohibited so you are pleased to use SEARCH before opening any new thread.

    4. Respect Each other - Give respect and take respect. No matter how rich or poor we are, people will remember us only for the respect we share with the other person. Foul Language or Disputes with other members especially with Forum Administration is least tolerated. Make it a point to abide by this rule.

    5. Flooding - Flooding is not allowed (Opening more than 5 threads in one section in a day is considered as flooding and may result in infraction or permanent ban)

    6. Scamming - Scamming is strictly prohibited. Members which will be caught scamming will get immediate ban without warning.

    7. Signatures - Not more than 3 links in a signature with normal size of 2 & no image in signature are allowed.

    8. One Account Per Member - Multiple accounts from the same IP address or a close IP range MAY be considered multiple IDs & both IDs will get banned immediately.

    9. Adult Contents - No Adult/Porn related sites will be tolerated, members that will violate this rule will get permanently banned from the forum.

    10. Administration reserves the right to add, change, update, delete or overrule any rule in the best interest of this community.

    11. If you suspect someone of posting useless or irrelevant posts, or you have a problem with someone's posts, do not discuss it in a public forum. There is a "report post" icon (triangle shape ) accompanying each post that you can click to report a suspicious, malicious or useless post.

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    in ro ham eslah kon:
    these rules are the best rules of any forum.

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