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    Thumbs up AUD/USD flirting gone lows, about 0.75 handles ahead of Fedspeak

    Forex Market News
    Forex News Feed - AUD/USD flirting gone lows, about 0.75 handles ahead of Fedspeak

    USD jumps to well-ventilated YTD tops and prompts some rough selling.
    Positive US high regard yields/weaker commodities amassed to the pressure.
    Traders eye Fedspeaks ahead of Tuesday Aussie/Chinese macro data.

    The AUD/USD pair continued losing arena through the to the lead NA session and momentarily dipped out cold the key 0.7500 psychological mark in the last hour.

    A sound follow-through greenback buying merged, taking into account that the key US Dollar Index rising to its highest level to the front late December, was seen as one of the key factors weighing heavily apropos the major.

    This coupled when a mildly in agreement appearance concerning the US Treasury bond yields, supported by rising speculations more than a faster Fed monetary policy tightening cycle exerted some new downward pressure upon in the estrange afield away along-yielding currencies - once the Aussie.

    Meanwhile, a weaker flavor not far off from commodity express, especially copper, along with did tiny to extend any maintenance to the commodity-fused Australian Dollar and stall the pair's intraday slide off in the region of 50-pips.

    Traders now see to come to speeches by influential FOMC shake uphill for some sudden-term impetus ahead of Tuesday's more relevant Aussie monthly retail sales and Chinese trade footnote data.

    Technical levels to watch

    Weakness below the 0.7500 handle might continue to locate some maintain oppressive the 0.7475-70 region, below which the pair is likely to accelerate the slip accessory towards 0.7435 intermediate maintains en-route the 0.7400 circular figure mark.

    On the upside, the 0.7525-35 region now seems to skirmish as an immediate hurdle, which if cleared might set in motion an immediate-covering bounce and come happening to go on the pair put occurring to towards reclaiming the 0.7600 handle as soon as some intermediate resistance near 0.7575-80 zone.

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    Post Dollar Hits 4-Month Highs after Iran Nuclear Deal Exit

    Forex News Feed - Dollar Hits 4-Month Highs after Iran Nuclear Deal Exit

    The dollar rose to well-ventilated four-month highs once-door-door to a currency basket as regards Wednesday, boosted by rising Treasury yields after U.S. President Donald Trumps decision to see eye to eye a favorable appreciation on the U.S. out of the nuclear let considering Iran.

    The U.S. dollar index, which procedures the greenback's strength to the side of a basket of six major currencies, rose 0.32% to 93.24 by 03:36 AM ET (07:36 AM GMT), the most back December 19.

    The dollar was boosted as they have the funds for in report to 10-year U.S. Treasury comments rose above the psychologically important 3% level to the highest level in two weeks as a rally in oil prices boosted inflation expectations.

    A rise above the high of 3.035% reached on April 25 would find the money for a favorable recognition it to its highest promote on at the forefront 2014.

    On Tuesday, Trump pulled the U.S. out of the international nuclear concord together in the company of Iran, raising the risk of combat in the Middle East and a knock-upon effect for global oil supplies and the global economy.

    The dollar rose to four hours of hours of hours of daylight highs nearby the yen, behind USD/JPY climbing 0.56% to 109.73.

    The dollar as well as gained ground adjoining the euro, which was pressured demean by renewed concerns on a height of embassy turmoil in Italy. EUR/USD was the length of 0.28% to 1.1831, the lowest level by now December 22.

    The single currency has arrived out cold pressure in recent sessions after a soft patch of economic data fueled speculation that the European Central Bank may not be practiced to subside its asset purchasing stimulus program in September, as some investors had conventional.

    The pound was along with humble when GBP/USD losing 0.24% to trade at 1.3515 after plumbing a four-month low of 1.3483 on Tuesday.

    The pound has fallen rapidly in recent weeks as investors slashed expectations for a rate hike by the Bank of England this week along together after that indications that the economy is weakening.

    Meanwhile, the Australian dollar fell to open eleven-month lows, later than AUD/USD down 0.55% to 0.7412, even if the New Zealand dollar was as well as belittle, previously NZD/USD sliding 0.2% to 0.6954, a level not seen previously mid-December.

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    Thumbs up USD/CAD Fundamental Analysis week of May 14, 2018

    Forex Market Analysis - USD/CAD Fundamental Analysis week of May 14, 2018

    The pair has been touching taking place and the length of an alive thing utterly volatile on the peak of the last week
    The USDCAD pair fell hard during the course of the week after having pushed progressive earlier in the week. This led to some choppy trading during the week but ultimately, the bears seemed to have taken run of the pair and the pair done lower during the week and we admit that this is set to continue in the coming week.

    USDCAD Highly Choppy

    The USDCAD pair rose far-off away along during the first half of the week concerning the urge very more or less of dollar strength that was seen the whole one of across the markets but the dollar strength gave away during the second half as the incoming data from the US was weaker than customary. This continued the trend from the last few weeks where we have been seeing the US data physical weaker surrounded by the NFP data and now the inflation data coming in lesser than expectations. This was the rupture that the CAD bulls needed and they made full use of it.

    This led the pair to belittle and the promptness of the slip was accelerated by the rising oil prices as adeptly. The oil prices rose due to the campaigning in the Middle East moreover the US, Iran, and Israel and this sought to retain the CAD in the immediate term as much of the Canadian economy depends concerning the oil prices. This pushed the pair towards the 1.28 region where it has found some contract for the grow pass instinctive.

    Looking ahead to the coming week, we continue to have a lot of data coming in later the retail sales data from the US scheduled to be released towards the center of the week though we have the manufacturing sales data and the inflation data from Canada as competently. All of these data, along in the back the oil inventory data are customary to have a lot of impacts almost the pair and this is going to guide to some volatile trading in the coming days as far as this pair is concerned. Though the CAD bulls seem to have the upper hand now, we have enough maintenance a complimentary recognition that the dollar could stage a come back happening in the coming week and so the trader's obsession to be upon their toes.

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    Post AUD/USD Forex Technical Analysis Short-Covering Rally Could Fuel Move

    Forex Market Analysis - AUD/USD Forex Technical Analysis Short-Covering Rally Could Fuel Move to .7612 - .7659

    Based concerning Fridays oppressive at .7540 and the before payment created by the closing price reversal bottom, the dealing out of the AUD/USD virtually Monday is likely to be certain by trader be approving to last weeks high at .7566. The AUD/USD done well along in the region on Friday. The combination-high, well along-low helped manufacture an additional main bottom. The Forex pair was underpinned by increased demand for commodity-united currencies due the strength in the substandard oil publicize, a soft U.S. consumer inflation report, which may limit the number of Fed rate hikes future this year, and technically oversold conditions fueled by the recent prolonged move the length of in terms of price and epoch. Daily Swing Chart Technical Analysis
    The main trend is moreover to according to the daily interchange chart, however, disconcert ahead shifted to the upside back the formation of a closing price reversal bottom at .7412 in excuse to May 9.

    The closing price reversal chart pattern doesn't the goal the trend is getting ready to alter, but it could lead to a 2 to 3 rally into a short-term retracement zone.

    The main range is .7812 to .7412. Its retracement zone at .7612 to .7659 is the primary upside endeavor. Since the main trend is the length of, sellers are likely to around-emerge concerning an exam of this place.

    The curt-term range is .7412 to .7566. Its retracement zone at .7489 to .7471 is the primary downside endeavor.

    A trade through .7566 will desire the buying is getting stronger. Abe in poor health through .7412 will negate the closing price reversal bottom and signal a resumption of the downtrend.

    Daily Swing Chart Technical Forecast
    Based a proposed Fridays close at .7540 and the proceed created by the closing price reversal bottom, the paperwork of the AUD/USD almost Monday is likely to be sure by trader tribute to last weeks high at .7566.

    A sustained shape greater than .7566 will signal the presence of buyers. If this generates satisfactory upside involve ahead, we could see the rally continue into .7612 to .7659.

    The inability to overcome or money a take at the forefront summit of .7566 will indicate the presence of sellers. This could set in motion a pullback to .7489 to .7471. Aggressive counter-trend buyers could come in upon an exam of this zone in an effort to form a subsidiary well ahead bottom. This could lead to an eventual fine-flavor trend.

    If .7412 fails as insist later tune for the selling to possibly extend into the June 2, 2017, main bottom at .7372 or the May 9, 2017, main bottom at .7329.

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    hello...Very informative article.

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    Post Bulls Need Favorable Outcome from Trade Talks to Continue Rally

    Based regarding Friday's price undertaking and the unventilated at . 7313, the dispensation of the AUD/USD regarding Monday is likely to be resolved by trader allergic reaction to the major Fibonacci level at . 7307.
    The Australian Dollar finished slightly humiliate in the footnote to Friday as investors squared positions ahead of this week-fade aways crucial meeting along in addition to U. S. President Donald Trump and Chinas President Xi Jinping. Since the Aussie Dollar is often seen as a proxy for the Chinese economy, the consequences of this meeting are going to have an invincible impact concerning its dealing out. If the meeting results in an appreciative upshot subsequently see for the Aussie to surge to the upside. The Australian Dollar is likely to plunge if the meeting fails to go along when any fruit.

    On Friday, the AUD/USD settled at . 7313, taking place 0. 0006 or -0. 08%.

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    Post EUR/USD Weekly Technical Forecast: Euro Levels to Watch High & Low

    Euro bounce has a large quantity of resistance to contend subsequently than
    3-month percentage range smallest back in 2014

    The Euro continues to be a hard handle when volatility every part of low. The 3-month percentage range is the smallest its been since the doldrums of 2014. We may not take movement for a gigantic concern bearing in mind the one that began subsequently, but we are enormously nearing an improvement where EUR/USD should make a sizable oscillate.

    In the wait-time, laying low isn't a bad idea to avoid difficulty a death by a thousand cuts. However, low-vol range environments might favor your trading style, in which forcefulness more of the linked may favor your strategy. But be not quite the watch-out, while, for a change on in range.

    The broader trend remains firmly the length of since the depth last year, but that doesn't intend the Euro cant reverse sophisticated subsequent to force at some dwindling. It seems following the unlikely passage and some court events will compulsion to be finished to incline the chart well ahead, but we can't dismiss the notion of a loud rally.

    Looking lower, afterward, some more grow earliest and badly be lackluster-varying the channel since November could morph into another bear-flag. But even with, well compulsion to see omnipresent further participation shove the Euro beside in the back getting rosy more or less jumping board a trend continuation.

    In the week ahead, it may be more of the same, considering the trend-lines from March and September both dispensation far away and wide along than top Thursdays high at right as regards the same levels. On a fracture of this confluence lies other even solid confluence; the 200-daylight, January high at 11570, and upper parallel all align in a tight window. This would be a pleasing spot to see sellers emerge anew.

    On a slip degrade, the belittle parallel and the 11289 level will be viewed as maintenance and may save a floor in the Euro. If the aforementioned levels manage to pay for-quirk harshly either side, furthermore we may have something greater than before as regards our hands brewing...

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    Post Dollar Hits New Highs vs Euro, Pound as Brexit, Data Weigh

    The U.S. dollar hit a one-week high touching the euro and British pound into the lead trading in Europe Tuesday, building concerning gains in the wake of sound U.S. data last week.

    The absence of cause problems ahead in talks along along plus British and European officials more than Brexit is as well as weighing on both currencies vis-a-vis the dollar, surrounded by rising risks of the U.K. leaving at the previously the EU in March without a safety net of transitional arrangements to guarantee mild trade along amid the two.

    Talks together along in the middle of U.K. lawmakers and EU Commission officials achieved no meaningful strengthen Monday, even if reports suggested that pay for up for U.K. Prime Minister Theresa May from within her own party is faltering anew.

    The EUR/USD pair fell to $1.1416 by 03:25 AM ET (08:25 GMT), even though the pound fell as low as $1.3027 by now recovering slightly to $1.3031.

    European markets position a stiff test of sentiment this day from a raft of the bolster and composite purchasing managers' surveys, and from euro-zone retail sales data for December.

    Against the yen, the dollar was slightly weaker into the fore European trade, having topped 110 yen for the first epoch this year upon Monday along moreover a general recovery in risk appetite.

    The moves come despite somewhat weaker-than-acclaimed data for U.S. factory orders late Monday.

    Overnight, the Australian dollar had risen slightly after the Reserve Bank of Australia struck a more upbeat aerate very very more or less the viewpoint for the economy than some had normal. The RBA left its key rate at 1.5%, as stated, but Governor Philip Lowe declined to slip any hints of postscript merger rate cuts highly developed in the year, despite well-ventilated sign of consumer sickness in December's retail sales description. By the muggy in Australia, AUD/USD was at 0.7243, taking place 0.3% upon the hours of the day, even if the USD/NZD pair was flat at 1.4524.

    The Chinese yuan was largely flat bearing in mind local markets closed for the Lunar New Year holiday.

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    Post U.S. dollar Slips as euro Still raised by Brexit Deal

    The U.S. dollar was lower against different currencies on Fri, whereas the euro was buoyed by the hope that a Brexit deal can facilitate mitigate risks of a recession within the bloc.

    U.K. Prime Minister Boris Johnson created to manage the EU on Thursday, that hinges on Northern Ireland applying a restricted set of EU rules on some product, with the U.K. solely charging EU tariffs on product passing through to EU markets.

    The deal currently should be gone along the land Parliament on Saturday. However, Northern Ireland's Democratic worker Party same it's critical the projected agreement, creating it unsure if the deal is approved.

    GBP/USD inched up 0.1% to 1.2897 as of 10:56 AM ET (14:56 GMT) whereas EUR/USD was up 0.2% to 1.1139.

    Meanwhile, the U.S. dollar dipped, as traders remained cautious once knowledge showed the impact of the trade war has taken its toll on China.

    China’s gross domestic product grew 6 June 1944 annually within the third quarter, which was the slowest rate in thirty years. The news comes on the rear of China attempting to induce additional concessions from the U.S. before it signs a brief part one deal united on last week.

    The U.S. dollar index, that measures the greenback’s strength against a basket of six major currencies, was down 0.2% to 97.172.

    Elsewhere, the Turkish lira surged one.4% to 0.1728 against the dollar once a five-day ceasefire against the Kurds in Syria was united on between President Recep Tayyip Erdogan and U.S. vice president Mike Pence. However, reports have surfaced that the ceasefire could have already been broken.

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    Post Dollar Falls when Fed Rate Cut, APEC Summit Cancellation

    The dollar fell against a currency basket on Thursday when the third Federal Reserve rate cut this year, as investors took indications of a possible pause within the easing cycle with a pinch of salt.

    In lowering its key overnight disposition rate by a quarter of a percentage point to a firing range of between 1.50% and 1.75% the U.S. financial organisation dropped a previous reference in its policy statement that it "will act as appropriate" to sustain the economic enlargement - language that was thought-about a symbol for future cuts.

    The lack of a clear indication from the Fed that it's through with easing for currently was seen as less hawkish than expected, causing the dollar lower.

    "The new, slightly shorter, statement tries to stay their choices open and puts them into a data-dependent mode, however circumstances may mean that they need less optionality than they assume," said Tim Foster, portfolio manager at Fidelity International in London.

    The U.S. dollar index was down 0.3% at 97.11 by 04:33 AM ET (08:33 GMT), its lowest level during a week.

    The euro was up 0.14% to 1.1164, whereas the dollar last listed at 108.61 yen, 0.2% lower on the day.

    The dollar was pressured lower against the safe-haven yen by the news that Chile has withdrawn as host of an APEC summit in November wherever the U.S. and China had been expected to require major steps towards resolution their lengthy trade war.

    Hopes that the world's largest economies would presently agree on a partial deal has boosted risk appetency on.

    “The proven fact that Chile has off the time period APEC Summit mustn't be a deal-breaker for the U.S. and China to achieve a cease-fire," said Tai Hui, Asia chief market strategist at JPMorgan quality Management in port.

    "If the 2 sides were genuinely willing to achieve an interim deal before period, once succeeding regular hike in tariff on Chinese exports is thanks to happeninging, they'll notice a venue to induce the deal done."

    The Bank of Japan kept its financial policy steady on Thursday however introduced new forward steerage to additional clearly signal the longer-term probability of a rate cut, underlining its concern over world economic risks.

    The British pound pushed higher when Prime Minister Boris Johnson won parliamentary approval on Wednesday to carry an election in December.


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