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Thread: Economic Events 22/08/2012

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    Default Economic Events 22/08/2012

    Economic Events 22/08/2012
    12:30 CAD Retail Sales June (MoM)

    Forecast: 0.1% Previous: 0.3%

    Change in the total value of sales at the retail level. Its the primary gauge of consumer spending, which accounts for the majority of overall economic activity.

    14:00 USD Existing Home Sales July

    Forecast: 4.52M Previous: 4.37M

    Annualized number of residential buildings that were sold during the previous month, excluding new construction. Its a leading indicator of economic health because the sale of a home triggers a wide-reaching ripple effect. For example, renovations are done by the new owners, a mortgage is sold by the financing bank, and brokers are paid to execute the transaction.

    18:00 USD Fed Releases Minutes from August 1 FOMC Meeting
    Its a detailed record of the FOMCs most recent meeting, providing in-depth insights into the economic and financial conditions that influenced their vote on where to set interest rates. More hawkish than expected is positive for currency.

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    Financial markets are in a state of suspended animation on Friday as tension mounted ahead of jobs data that could make or break the case for an imminent scaling back in U.S. stimulus.
    chng ti tự ho l nh cung cấp đn led trang tr gi tốt v đẹp nhất hiện nay

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    in ro ham eslah kon:
    Why don't any update on this thread?
    anyone here know about tomorrow market especially for currency pairs EUR/USD

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