When we talk about risk, each activity must have it, yet she lived every risk will vary in every activity he does. Here I will take the example of the risks that we usually experience in every way that weíve been through.

Someone who will go to work, entrepreneurship or strategic region, every day dealing with bad road conditions. A person can be sure to get to the office on time. But, of course, the conditions on the streets no one knows, for example, fallen trees due to previous rains, or closed roads or other factors that may cause obstruction of the trip.

The personís ability to manage the uncertainty on the streets is a form of risk management.

Similarly, the World Financial. Risk is the uncertainty that would happen in every situation and the decisions we make. Itís just that the consequences of risk management is reduced or loss of some of our funds.

Risk Management can help us to identify any risks that may be encountered, and what are the ways to be prepared to deal with it.

Risk Management In each Dealing / Trading. Trading risk management is the risk you take when determining how much capital and volume of transactions involved in every decision. This type of risk is fully under your control. a. Total

a. Equity Risk
Risk management professionals usually recommend a maximum total risk is limited only up to 20-30%, if you are confident enough, then you can customize it.

b. Log In Every Position Risk
Once you determine the limits of Reiko total equity, then risk management stop loss can be determined. Methods for determining stoploss diverse. But should you have to look at risk management from total equity.


Risk Management In Forex (I)