Cryptokeules - 1st Entrees Collection from Endangered Tokens Foundation

Protect Biodiversity and make an investment out of it.

The CryptoKeules is a 10000 Endangered NFTrees collection that lives in the Polygon Blockchain. It is the first Entrees Collection of the Endangered Tokens Foundation (ENTS), who are looking to revalue biodiversity through Web3.0 and Regenerative Finance (ReFi).

The ownership of an Entree Cryptokeule will grant you access to the Virtual Reality Experience of endangered forests that the ENTS Foundation is developing. Along with that you will become VIP member of their Regenerative Finance (ReFi) Community, getting access to early drops, exclusive raffles and GameReFi products in development, which will capture Carbon in real life as you interact.

Reduce your carbon footprint, own a beatiful pixel art tree and become part of the Best Regenerative Finance Community in the ecosystem.

The collected funds from this collection will serve to incentivize the protection and reproduction of Endangered Species of trees. The Entrees - CryptoKeule collection is inspired by the endangered tree species 'Gomortega Keule''. Each one of the 10000 tokens is unique, made from a generative pixel art collaboration with the artist Diegong. There among them ten 1 of 1s with exclusive attributes.

The minting price is only 33 $MATIC GET YOURS!

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