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    Default monthly update, February 2022 monthly update, February 2022
    In February, we continued building our platform further. In spite of running low on money and resources, the team managed to achieve amazing results. Just hard work and a great desire to push the babylonia one step more to be complete.

    The major projects of February 2022 are being summarized here:

    ★ The team is working on the two new pages &, will be published in the next few days.

    ★ We redesigned our logo and slogan. It is "Babylonia Always More Fun", it is cool.

    ★ We have been approached by SoftSwiss and got introduced to their line of products and services.

    ★ Unfortunately, we had to postpone our ICO once again for the second time. We could not get enough investment to go forward, besides the unfavorable crypto market due to the risk of war made it harder.

    ★ We are working on the NFT developments, the previews are on the way, and the team is busy developing the backend.

    ★ Our web2 developer is working on the improvements to the 3D effects of our Babylonia planet on the main page.

    ★ The new animation neon glow for the menu on the left side is ready. We started transitioning to SVG base images from PNG.

    ★ The grayscale mode has been added to the main website home page Alpha Stage | Babylonia Game on Blockchain

    ★ We got our updated, some bugs are fixed, the dark mode and grayscale mode have been added.

    ★ Winners of the second Giveaway have been paid.

    ★ Ended the contract with a social media content creator we hired through Upwork. Despite their effort, we were not happy with the knowledge and the quality work they provided.

    ★ We have planned to host IPO & ICO services in the future as a part of the portfolio of our products

    ★ We planned to go multichain for ICO at the same time, devs working on the new token mechanism and therefore Crowd sale contract mods

    ★ Dev Working on chain selector tool for MetaMask, and our web3 connector for Polygon & Fantom

    ★ Having our second #Giveaway on Twitter and Instagram

    ★ Started working on the smart contract lottery, developing the UI and the contract on the BSC test net

    ★ The team worked on completing the, adding features.

    ★ The team worked on a new animation neon glow for the menu on the left side, the preview is out, waiting for code to get merged.

    More details can be found on: Logs -

    One of the biggest projects of February is the completion of web3 project and its unique chain selector of the MetaMask for main and test nets. We will be adding 12 more active networks in the next phase.

    We also updated our logo and slogan to be aligned with the goals of the platform and its audience.

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