YouTube creator Finpact - Annika - was attending many Blockchain events in Dubai and came across WOM Protocol‘s founder and CEO, Melanie Mohr.

Amazing vid about the BULLZ app and the potential she sees in $WOM as a new way to monetize for creators and networks.

Wom Protocol is LITERALLY the Tik Tok of Crypto! 20X Opp - MUST KNOW ABOUT THIS - Altcoin gem pick!

WOM Protocol is one of my altcoin gem picks this week. It's built on ethereum network and has a 10-20x opportunity because it is the next TikTok in Crypto!

WOM Protocol is a blockchain-powered user-generated marketing platform that aims to solve all of the issues with digital marketing. It does this by aiming to focus on rewarding on word-of-mouth recommendations. By doing this, WOM Protocol can ensure there is more trustworthy digital ads. T

Wom Protocol Details:
Start - WOM Protocol | The Future of Marketing is Ad-free
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Telegram: Contact @WOMProtocolANN

Bullz app:
App Store link: BULLZ on the App Store
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