ATM & LUCA is launching on the 15th of October

So don’t miss the boat…

Our ICO event is starting soon, and you won’t want to miss it. By investing any amount of BUSD on our website we will reward you with more LUCA tokens!

Fear not! The BUSD that you invested is not lost, but it is locked for 2 years, with quarterly unlocks – meaning that while the total lock-up period is 2 years, a quarter will be unlocked every sixth months where users can withdraw their BUSD or continue the stake to earn further rewards.

Head to our website and subreddit to learn more.

The traditional consensus is built on the individual and their impulses: they can buy today and sell tomorrow. We aim to solve this by building a new consensus, built on the strength of social networks rather than the isolated individual.

With our innovative smart contract, the Consensus Connection, you can lock the value of supported cryptocurrencies for a specified time with another user. To get out of the lock you need the private keys of both parties, rather than one (or to wait until the end of the contract!).

As consensus connections between users are continuously established a huge relative consensus network is formed. This is the ATM community.
Autonomous Trust Momentum (or ATM for short) is a meta-community based on our new concept of relative consensus networks. When combined with our innovative ATMRank algorithm, based on Google’s PageRank algorithm, users in the network will be proportionally rewarded with LUCA for the part that they play in the growth of the new ecosystem!