The Buckle Up Token ($BCLUP) | Launching Presale August 22nd-28th, 2021. | MASSIVE UPSIDE POTENTIAL | Turn .10 BNB into 3,150,000 BCLUP before take-off!!!!!!!!!!!!

Are moonshots a myth? Of course not. WE just need to know the right time to get in. Well, now is the right time. The Buckle Up Token is a utility, hyper deflationary token on the Binance Smart Chain Network with Anti Dump, Anti Whale features with monthly bonuses, rewards, and monthly token buy backs. The Buckle Up Token rewards holders in BCLUP and supports a non-profit promotion of Cryptocurrency Education and Awareness throughout the world with incentives and rewards for first becoming aware of cryptocurrency and then continuing education in the crypto-verse.
The Buckle Up Token team has HUGE future ideas of expansion for all and is very excited to grow The Buckle Up Token community.

✅ PRESALE on SUNDAY, AUGUST 22nd-28th, 2021.

Presale Details :

On two separate Platforms: DxSale, Cointool

DxSale Link: DxSale - Token Management Made Simple

Cointool Link: CoinTool

✅ Presale Info:
Presale Rate 31,500,000.00 BCLUP per BNB
Minimum contribution: 0.1 BNB
Maximum contribution: 100 BNB
Hard Cap: 2000 BNB
Soft Cap: 1000 BNB
Liquidity locked immediately after Presale
until January 22nd, 2022.

10% Total taxes

✅ Liquidity returned to pool -5%
✅ Reflection back to holders in BCLUP - 3%
✅ Project development until completion then returns to previously mentioned holder's reflections. - 2%
✅ The Buckle Up Swap is a nonprofit AMM(Automated Market Maker). The Buckle Up Swap will operate in support of The Buckle Up

Token bringing additional features to its already existing platform such as Governance and the platform's ability to conduct Initial Farm Offerings.

The Buckle Up Token will aim to utilize one area of Decentralized Finance.. Annual Percentage Yield. With locked-in capital interest-bearing accounts at 12% A.P.Y, The Buckle Up Token can generate enough cash from interest alone to fund the expansion of this project.

How will The Buckle Up Token team maintain price action?

✅ Total circulating supply will be reduced to 25 Million BCLUP.
✅ Monthly BCLUP buybacks.
✅ Fees from every transaction are returned to the pool as Liquidity.
✅ Decentralized ownership in the end removing all of The Buckle Up Token team's influence on the market.