ChainRaider a new innovative yield farming protocol designed to reward its holders through passive staking. With a suite of BSC tools in development and other crypto variations in the pipeline.



ChainRaider will launch with a fully functioning proprietary dapp for full fledged passive staking. Not a future vision of staking, but full functionality you can see. We also have a functioning whitepaper, where you can view our future plans for a whole suite of BSC tools as well as other network launches.

Fully doxxed team
Audit through Solid Proof
Staking app complete
Whitepaper released


BSC is the first stop, but ChainRaider will be linking to Etherium and Polygon in the near future as well.

We are planning to build up the hype, confidence and a little bit of suspense over the next two weeks before we launch. So please, don't take my word for it, come over to our telegram, have a chat with the team and hopefully you make the choice to break the chains that bind you and link into a life changing project.