Drone Crypto Coin is an interesting project that is targeting Hookah and Hospitality Industry!

What is Drone?

Drone is a DeFi token built on Binance Smart Chain BSC.

Why Drone?

The hospitality and Hookah industry are growing by the hour, and Drone aims to be their cryptocurrency.

Our goal is to create a unified cryptocurrency for the Hospitality and Hookah industry. Add to that, bookings of flights, hotels, restaurants and lounges, which all orbit in the same universe.

Drone (DRN) have launched its IDO and it got 1200+ holders gaining more attention by the hour!

IDO already started on: 20.May.2021

Price: 1 BNB = 37,500,000 DRN

Smart-contract: 0xf6162756e5fc15cfacde2f9a3d3bacd1f51b1bf4

Website: Drone Crypto Currency

Telegram: Telegram: Contact @dronecoins