Tican is one of the world’s most comprehensive decentralized blockchain platforms for instant crypto payment. Tican is a multi-gateway payment system that will accept Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, and USDT. TICAN is created to become the best payment gateway for cryptocurrency, fiat cross boarder financial transfer and resolve any issues that might limit transactions on other crypto platforms. For safe transactions, Tican has created a decentralized blockchain with a web wallet and extra APIs.

Platinum Crypto Academy and Cryptonaire Weekly CEO and Chief Editor Karnav Shah expressed, “It’s extremely exciting to partner with a company like Tican which is one of the Most Comprehensive Decentralized Blockchain Platform For Instant Crypto Payment. By implementing Blockchain technology and Smart Contracts, TICAN Ecosystem will create a new decentralized blockchain and comprehensive crypto infrastructure for everyday banking and merchant transactions. The Platinum Crypto Academy looks forward to working with Tican on more exposure to the crypto community as the company continues to boast the highest transaction speed on the market (instantaneous) with substantially low-cost transaction fees.

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