Cyber Crime Investigation (CCI) Token

Cyber Crime Investigation (CCI) - A Token to contribute towards the fight against cybercrimes, digital fraud, and crypto Investigation.

CCI Token

CCI Token, A token to support our work in the field of Cyber Crime Investigation, Investigation of Hacking Incidents, Email Fraud, Financial Crimes & Cryptocurrency Fraud. We have developed this token for educational purposes and any proceeds are to be used towards research and development of tools to investigate cryptocurrency crimes and to contribute towards the fight against digital crimes.

Our cybercrime investigations include the investigation of crypto wallets and attacks on crypto exchanges along with scams involves cryptocurrencies.

Weekly, we receive hundreds of complaints ranging from cyber fraud, crypto thefts, fraud at exchanges, and more, our new token aims to educate our internal team aims to raise funds for the development of tools to support the fight against digital crimes.

We also aim to have rewards for the holders, this we will discuss when the token reaches 1000 holders. Any questions can be sent to us via the contact page or by phone. This page will be updated again soon.

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Token: CCI

Contract Address: 0x4e26417d281ada1d7c02e514f82aac1bae82fedd

Market: Pancakeswap