Coinbase Global Inc. shares were recently traded at about 350 USD at a private auction that was held by Nasdaq, which means that they gave the company a total valuation of around 90 billion US dollars before the company has even gone public.
The Nasdaq Private Market auction finished last Thursday and it was the last chance investors had to trade Coinbase stocks before the company goes public, which will likely happen at the end of March.
At the beginning of the auction the shares were traded at above 350 US dollars would have given the company a total valuation over 100 billion US dollars.
That said, since private auction trading volumes are quite a bit smaller than the volumes of public market, these prices are not yet indicative of the real value of the company. Not to mention what effect the hype had on these prices.
Still, I think that was pretty impressive and it will be very interesting to see what will happen once Coinbase does go public.