I decided to do an insane challenge in 2021 starting now.

I will try to grow my day trading account from 100 USD to 80000 USD in 2021, growing it by +80000%.

The strategy that I will use is based on a very tweaked set of R:R, leverage and fees.

You can watch my YT video where I explain everything here:

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My strategy:
- Starting Balance: 100 USD
- Technical Analysis (Triangles, Channels, Support/Resistance, RSI, Fibonacci, Macd etc.)
- Taking profit at 2% on every trade
- Cutting my losses at -1.8% on every trade (by using Stop Loss)
- Leverage: 15x
- Will use an exchange that supports low fees
- Estimated Win Rate: 66%
- Estimated amount of trades to reach goal: 180

I will also reply to questions. Wish me luck!