Have you ever thought about what would be the future of money? There is nothing inherently valuable about a dollar or a coin that we are using now. The only reason these things have any value is because we have all decided they should have value. we can say that they do have value by a collective fiction. All about money is the exchanges and the transactions that we do with each other and it is not anything objective.

Using digital money has begun in the past two decades. now we all get paid via direct deposit, pay taxes online and pay rent fee via bank transfer. These interactions are changing 1ís and 0ís on computers. anything physical does not exist like a dollar or a coin in this process. And in these interactions, there are large and powerful institutions such as banks.

Overall they have done pretty good work but there are some problems need to be fixed. And even though it is up to them to fix, at many times they just do not do. Therefore, there are many frictions in the system, for instance, most of our credit cards donít work in abroad and transferring money across borders and across currencies is really expensive. It is all because big institutions are holding our digital money and controlling. These frictions obviously take away our ability to freely transact and slow down the work.

But the good news is that, we are about to enter a new step of money, programmable future money. It is that we combine software and currency so that money will safely and securely flow directed by software. And when this happens we will be able to remove institutions, our transactions will not be controlled by any governments or banks. We will work without intermediaries and no need to ask permission, or do a conversion or worry about money getting stuck.

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