It is predicted in the next few years, much of our digital consumption will be run through a blockchain based system without us even realizing it. the core question that keeps coming up is what exactly it is and why should we care. Well, if the blockchain technology is predicted to go the way of the Internet and becomes ubiquitous in our lives and in our business, why donít you care about blockchain?

Blockchain is, as the name implies, a chain of blocks that contain information or data. This technique was originally described in 1991 by a group of researchers and was intended to timestamp digital documents so that no one can backdate or tamper with them. However, it went by unused until it was adapted in 2009 to create digital Cryptocurrency Bitcoin.

Blockchain was used as a record-keeping system for bitcoin because of its inherent security benefits. Information on a blockchain cannot be manipulated. Blockchains are not centralized. Information is shared across users so there is not a vulnerable place for hackers to attack.

One of the biggest challenges for Blockchain industry is to create many users and participants who want to use the blockchain and expand the network indefinitely by upgrading the network. To make it happen, whether professional programmers or not, they all actually get to permeate into it and need to understand the blockchain system.

So where can you find the information and specialized materials about Blockchain? Is there a network or a community that anyone can deeply learn regarding blockchain? To the people who are interested in this, YES there is. BINT Protocol, Blockchain Internet Network Terminal Protocol. it was established to create an environment that enables users to develop blockchain in all operating systems and build a community for all the participants. You can get specialized materials and blockchain information here.

BINT Protocol offers an web-development environment for quick and easy blockchain development. Through API based on distributed computing environment and virtual machine, all the users are able to use independent blocks regardless of time and place with easier development tool.
Website: BINT Protocol